About Roosters

  • What’s New at Roosters Daytime Café?


    Carrol Ann Kilinski and her sister, Tammy Kronowit acquired Roosters on Jensen Beach Boulevard on April 30, 2011 . They rolled up their sleeves and set out on a mission: make a great thing even better. And they have. Although the sisters kept the artful and wholesome Roosters menu, Carrol Ann and Tammy have innovated the well-established breakfast and lunch restaurant in ways that will keep their perennial clientele while reaching out to new markets in the Jensen Beach Area.

    The oversized chalkboard of daily features depicts how the sibling restaurateurs are experimenting with new ideas while holding fast to the favorites. The path of the new direction leads to an even more healthful destination than Roosters boasted previously. They are trimming fat and some empty carbs and are boosting the use of fresh fruits and a broader palette of vegetables both hot and cold. That’s not to say that Roosters has gone completely crunchy. Not at all. The three-meat burrito (in a spinach wrap), “fritata” and pancakewich strike a balance between heart-healthy cuisine and the traditional breakfast ingredients we’ve all loved since childhood. Roosters’ updated breakfast and lunch offerings appeal to the biscuits and gravy set as well as the yoga/fitness type—and everyone in between.

    Carrol Ann and Tammy are projecting their business outward and expanding the in-house trade at the same time. This is fresh: with twenty-four hours’ notice (225-7750), they will deliver anything from their menu or feature board to any boat ramp in the area. They already deliver to local businesses and homes. And with regular hours of 7-4, Roosters now offers onsite catering for groups, meetings and parties after 4:00 p.m. in their bright, comfortable dining room.

    But the biggest news is their new business-within-a-business. Roosters is now also Classy Cakes by Carrol Ann and Tammy. They offer a very thorough menu of custom-baked cakes, pies, cheesecakes and other sweet treats. Their signature key lime cake is zesty and light, but it doesn’t stop there. They offer sugar and gluten free alternatives to a broad selection that rivals any old fashioned bakery. The custom designs range from sports teams, schools, corporate logos and party themes to event-based decorating motifs. I perused the Classy Cakes photo album. Page after page, my arm got tired while my mouth watered.

    With all the positive changes and growth, Carrol Ann and Tammy have kept the core Roosters team. Both sisters have immersed themselves in their enterprise and staff. They cross train themselves and the team in all facets of the Roosters operation from dishwashing to cooking. Meanwhile, when the new owners aren’t laboring until midnight filling cake orders and preparing for the next day’s trade, they can be found out in the community giving talks on entrepreneurship and woman-owned businesses—supplying cupcakes to their audiences, of course. Enjoy the new Roosters at 891 NE Jensen Beach Boulevard across from Holly Creek in the Jensen Beach Plaza.

    Thanks to G. Buck Manning for the great article about us.